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Why is he crazy for Asian women?
And you thought I had an asian fetish. Today working at the library I met the scariest black man alive. He had pitch black skin, humongous lips, a massive nose, and scraggly dreads. The suspect ordered ten issues of "Asian Beavers" and "Fortune Coookie Nookie". Later that day I saw him talking to an asian girl. He started stretching his face saying "whhhhy muust I crrrry?" When she rejected him he got angry and took out an axe ready for 41 whacks. I couldn't let that happen so I put on my green faceless mask. "BAM WA WHAM!" as I kicked and chopped him. "You gon get raped!". We ran from the behemoth to the bus. In the arms of safety we went seperate ways. Why did this man obsess over asian women?
I find it odd and disturbing that you added me to your contacts. I don't do trolls.

Edit: First off, I don't say shlt about you. Second, if people are bashing you, the way you constantly spread your racist antics about black people is why they do it. Then you don't open your email so you force people to answer you they way they want to on your questions.
Why is it Asian women can't seem to ever get attractive?
I've noticed asian women NEVER get butts ever. Their pancakes are so flat they look like they got they legs attached to their stomach. On the other hand latinas seem to grow big pancake stacks easy. For evidence just go google 8 street latinas(which will bring up pancake stacks good enough for my syrup!) then google mr.chang's asian beavers(which will bring up flatback shrimp)
Asian women don't got big butts, but they got long lasting skinny bodies and very youthful looking. Latinas got nice big butts...but big stomachs. I see old asian men with young looking and skinny wives all of the time, but most hispanic males have fat wives.

I'm not siding with asian women because most of my porn are of latinas...but rarely any of them look that hot 25+. Your average asian women looks young and skinny. U want youthful and skinny wife or fat wife??
Why isnt there any asian markets in beaver county areas? north of pittsburgh?
This town needs more culture and more asians to put there markets and clothes here to sale.
There probably aren't many Asian markets in Beaver County due to the fact that there isn't a large population of Asians. I used to live in Columbus, Ohio. There is a very large poplulation of Asians due to the fact that there is a Honda Plant. So there are many wonderful groceries and restaurants. The damand of such a market simply wouldn't be high enough in your area.
There is a larger asian poplulation in Allegheny County then there is in Beaver county.…
Here are a few markets that might help you. Call before you go just in case.
Eva's Dollar Store & Asian
(412) 521-1800
446 Wilson Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Kawaii Gifts
(412) 687-2480
5413b Walnut St
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Asian Italian Store
(724) 325-7597
3941 William Penn Hwy
Murrysville, PA 15668

Asian Market
(330) 629-6159
6008 Market St
Youngstown, OH 44512

Kim Do Oriental Grocery (between 18th & 19th) carries African, Latin American, and Caribbean foods in addition to all things Asian. You can find paella mix on a shelf above curry sauce, above Taiwanese dried black fungus, above Nigerian-style pounded yams.

Young's Oriental Grocery Store
(412) 422-0559
5813 Forward Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

New Sambok Oriental Foods
(412) 261-9377
1735 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Dae Han Oriental Food Stoire
(412) 682-2111
326 Atwood St
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

East Oriental Food Store
(412) 372-1173
4025 William Penn Hwy
Monroeville, PA 15146

Ok-Soon's Oriental Food Shop
(330) 788-6196
1942 E Midlothian Blvd
Youngstown, OH 44502

Oriental Food & Gift
(330) 477-2349
2842 Whipple Ave Nw
Canton, OH 44708

I know that a few of these are very far away but I really hope this helps.

Oh and here is one that doesn't carry food but does carry gifts etc.
China Fan Oriental Gift
(412) 364-3066
Northway Mall
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

There is one more that I can't find the name of that is across from Auntie Anne's Pretzels in Ross Park Mall.

Good luck and I hope that you find what you need.
Why are Asian girls so hard to get?
I was sneaking into a woman's house. She was the most beautiful woman ever and her name was Jessica. She was a eurasian girl with the tightest Chinese beaver ever. As i snuck into the window my left foot felt a sharp pain. "don't try to look so wise cuz you will hate yourself in the end". So sup it's dreamer here I was using my ninja skills to get my hand in the fortune nookie jar. I made a fatal mistake. I broke a chip. Chased away I eventually found King of london. We both went back to the scene. There was a black cat walking behind jessica. The cat had a rice hat on. Suddenly it jumped on her and morphed into mintos! He said something as he roughed her up. "baby with ur milkshakes ya get skeeted on ya get skeeted" undercovers wonders ya get skeeted ya get skeeted on
Did you steal my crack?

It sure seems like it.

And Homie the clown............YES IT IS
Is Asian the Supreme race?
They don't smell, they aren't hairy, they are smart, they have the perfect human sized wee wees and beavers, they have so much history, they have the largest population on earth, their girls are so feminine and cute and they have pefect skin and body, china had these dynasties, and japan makes all the cool stuff like playstations and sony.
Why can't they pronounce L's and R's correctry?
What do people on the opposite side of the world think/know of Canada?
I'm a Canadian and I'm wondering what people from far far away think of Canada. If you are European, African, Asian or Middle Easter, please share. I am particulary interested in what Britons have to say about us, as we were originally a colony of Great Britain. Also, if you believe the stereotypes about us, allow me to clear the air. We don't have pet beavers, we aren't overrun with moose. Nobody lives in igloos, not even the people in the farthest, coldest reaches of the north do. We have a strong economy, we don't say "aboot" instead of "about". It isin't cold all year in Canada, every part of Canada has 4 seasons, but they vary in length depending on your region. So anyways, what do other people think of us? If you answer, please state your nationality. Canadians love all the rest of the world (L)
I think you welcome immigrants more than U.S.. Many Arabs live and work in Canada without feeling racism.I'm Egyptian.
How to find male porn stars name?
hes the guy on mr chews asian beaver he ****** carmela woods{santiago} cant find his name for the life of me help
It will be on the cover or the credits to the DVD
Is it safe to take an Asian GF to a Manly Pub tomorrow to watch the game?
Are the Northern Beaches racist? Would that be asking for a fight? She's a Naturalised Australian, with Spanish/Fillipina/Malay looks and is quite hot.

If its good enough for Beaver Menzies, would it be a problem in a Manly Pub?
Are you comparing yourself to beaver menzies?

and dont worry ill be your body guard, heres my card.
Spiritually Speaking.....Are owls really wise?
In some Asian cultures owls are believed to be stupid.
And is Simon Cowell really king of the beavers?

I am Nimrod - Gilgamesh builder of towers and a mighty hunter of owls.
hail oh mighty nimrod-I communicated telepathically with an owl recently (his name was Otis Owl Oracle ) he gave me top advice and now I see the truth in all things -so yeah they are pretty wise.
Simon Cowell is Prince of the Vocally Inept--oh praise him.
Dream interpretation?
Last night i had a dream that i was being chased by a flying giant pissing omlette. It chased me into the school where all of my Asian friends were ninja and they exploded everytime they stabbed someone. when they exploded they released a reign of candy, as in the candy grew and started to rule over us, we were hiding in the school library. I went through the sewerage which was behind the photocopier and we were in a room slowly filling with water. I used my teacher's thumb (with him still attached) and used it as a key. I get out and suddenly im at work. my supervisor comes up to me and says "What are you doing?! your supposed to be at work at the moment!" so i quickly get changed and start working. For some reason everyone was wearing suits of armour. Thats when the Giant beavers started rampaging through the store. They were eating people wearing armour. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?!
I am a leading dream analysis expert........and this is what I see here.

You have pissed off some chickens lately, who are angry about you using their eggs for your omlets........hence, their omlets are pissing on you in return. What goes around, comes around. I would try to make amends with these chickens, by eating fewer McNuggets before bedtime.

The exploding Ninja friends, that reigned candy.......means that you see the good inside everyone...........even if that good is only a Hershey bar before bedtime.

School and raw sewerage is a commom coupling in dreams........self explanatory.......all the crap they teach us in school............

wanting to use your teachers thumb................I won't go there.........there are guys present...........

but of course that fun is interrupted by the real life realities of work............(isn't it always? ) .......

The armour stands for all the masks people wear to hide their true identies..........and the giant beavers...........

wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll--------… we'll have to discuss that in private.

I hope this has helped.

Dr. Weasel McWeasel----Dream Interpetation expert. PHD.

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