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My husband wants to have sex with another girl OR have threesome. Its long but PLEASE read it?
We are newly wed. less than a year. Before we dated he told me that he have problem with his sex drive which is very high that even ended up going to the doctor about it but the doctor said enjoy it as he is young.

He had 2 serious relationship before me and others are fling(one night stand as what you called).

He grew up in the states and I grew up in the Philippines. Maybe culture difference about being so liberal in sex? He is also a Muslim and I was a catholic and newly converted, maybe another factor?

I am the only asian girl he ever dated and now he wants to try another asian girl, and he said if I want to have threesome with him.

He is very open to me and I appreciate it. I want to get mad and scream at him because I think he is sick but I dont want him to hide anything from me. Now he started deleting the history of the computer, logs from his phone. I caught him one time signing up a live sex chat on, and also caught him looking on website where you pay girls.

I am very conservative but I am learning and trying to be open. There are things he wants that I do for him.

What should I do? I love him so much. Should I hypnotize myself and have threesome than to let him sleep with another girl? I am scared he will do it and hide it from me. I cant sleep lately about this.

FOr those who had threesome, did it affect your relationship? and how? good or bad?

Did you do it to a stranger or friend? He wants a ffm. Its driving me crazy
Have you heard the phrase, "When you're a hammer, everything's a nail"? Your husband is a hammer looking to hit on anything that breathes - it seems.

Right now, your man is obsessed with sex. Many would call it an addiction, but I think it is a behavior problem ... it's more of a character issue than anything. It is a conscious CHOICE he is making. He won't have withdrawls if he stops thinking about sex or having sex, which is why I don't call it an addiction. This is a behavior issue and it IS COMPLETELY within his control. He has just indulged himself for so long that he doesn't know the concept of self-control.

He will probably never admit to this, so don't try to make him.

Threesomes are a double edged sword, and usually a bad idea. Clearly you are uncomfortable with this idea, and that means you shouldn't do it. NEVER do anything that you aren't 100% happy with doing. Don't get hypnotized. He will just have to live with disappointment.

Because of HIS obsession with sex, you are now equally obsessed only in terms of whether or not he will be happy with just you.

Whatever you do ... don't do the threesome. It's not right for YOU and that's all that matters. Others might have had a positive experience, but they were probably more open to it, and ready for whatever consequences happened. YOU are not open to it, and you have that right. I couldn't - no way. The idea of watching my man enjoy his body with someone other than me is not my idea of a good time.

I wish I could be more helpful, but unless he admits to having a problem and gets himself under control, you won't have any peace.

Best of luck, hon, and Godspeed

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