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In what ways is domination and submission is at the center of sex?
In what ways is domination and submission is at the center of sex?
In itself it is not. Society (and dare I say it, feminism) have decreed that men are dominant and women are submissive. Repeated enough times and it has become more true. But ultimately, any woman can be dominant if she wishes it, and any man can be submissive if he wants to give it a go.

I'm assuming you're not talking about BDSM, of course.

Can Christians practice Domination/Submission in a healthy manner in the bedroom?
I was wondering if sexual fetishes would alter or interfere with your spiritual growth, or if it is healthy.
According to American Psychiatric Association's DSM-V, the most recent revision to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, paraphilias (the umbrella term that includes fetishes, sadomasochism) are NOT mental disorders and many healthy, functioning people practice them. One can have a disorder based on the paraphilia (for example, a sexual sadist who repeatedly seeks such activity with non-consenting persons is said to have a sexual sadism disorder) but it is not the paraphilia itself which is the disorder. To convey the point through an example, eating itself is not a disorder but one can have a disorder based on eating.

So, yes, one can be healthy and engage in sadomasochistic activities. Because sexual matters are often deemed taboo by religion, it is understandable why one might think Dominance and submission (D/s) conflicts with religion. D/s can indeed be done within a loving relationship and there are many couples who engage in it in a healthy manner. Most people who enjoy D/s engage in such activities with someone with whom they have a positive sexuality-based relationship. For two people who enjoy D/s, these activities simply becomes one more way for them to express positive relationship gestures (because these activities are done with people one likes) and their sexuality towards each other. Some couples find such relationships to provide spiritual gratification.

My suggestion is to find discussion groups of other people who have already sorted through similar ambivalence. Learning how other people, religious and not, practice D/s in the bedroom in a healthy manner might help you pick and choose ideas to determine how you might be able to do it. One place to do so is at Do a search for groups using the term Christians.
What forms peoples sexual preferences, such as S&M, domination, submission, "rough sex" v "vanilla sex" etc?
I mean everyone will have their own preferences but why, what makes one person enjoy say soft kissing and gentle intercourse and someone else likes so-called rough sex?

I mean I have heard that homosexuals and lesbians are biologically disposed to being so, whether that is true or not I have no idea - but that's what I've heard. Is it then the same when it comes to folks who are say sexual sadists or sexual masochists?

Is it psychological or is it biological?

I think that it's definitely psychological. If you are a timid person, you are probably more prone to perfering submission, if you are an assertive/agressive person at nature, you would probably be more likely to dominate, etc.

The way your life is lived and the way your experiences play out, shapes who you are in the present. If you have had a life of being nurtured and comforted (by your parents, etc), then you are probably going to find pleasure in gentle sex (I'm assuming that's what you mean by vanilla...? I've never heard someone say "vanilla sex" before...).

It's sort of a nature vs nurture type of thing, in which this case nuture shapes who you are presently, and that determines your personal preferences.

It can also vary from mood to mood. I know that I don't always prefer the same type of sexual treatment EVERY time. Although I do tend to lean towards one way of treatment, it varies depending on what I feel like. I tend to prefer the rough way of things (sometimes even moderate pain such as biting, etc). I grew up not being very well cared for... my mom was a typical "refrigerator mom", meaning she was cold and reserved, showing little affection. My dad was actually abusive, and when he wasn't being abusive he was quite reclusive (no rhyming intended!!). So needless to say, I didn't get much "nurture" growing up. And now look at me... I prefer rough housing and moderate pain. Definite correlation right there........
What is the midway point between domination and submission?
I am appalled by either one in the work place, and would like to build myself a platform that is equally acceptable to both ends.
But what is that?
Hi from France ♫

You already said it yourself Mister .. The midway point is : EQUALITY !! ...

Have a great sunday,

What is the best website for headscissors/ girl domination on men via submission holds?
What is the best website for headscissors/ girl domination on men via submission holds?

i already subscribe to i need something new
Sounds like a kink I should start being interested in. ^_^;;

However, having no experience with it myself, I can't recommend anything special. Sorry. :<
Do men who are into domination and submission ever turn violent?
I was wondering if any one knew a little bit more about this than me. My boyfriend is very dominant over me, which I don't mind because I can trust him, and I truly believe a woman's duty is to obey her significant other. But, I was wondering if men who are dominant ever turn violent. If they do, then I might not be as down for that kind of relationship. Does anyone know more about this?
What is the psychology behind sexual preferences of domination/degrading and submission/being degraded?
I want to understand why some people find it enjoyable and arousing to be totally in charge of another and degrade them during sex, and why some enjoy being on the other end of it. I always found it interesting.
Some people are empowered by making others feel weak.
Is the goal of Islam really world domination? To force all non-muslims into submission?
I will be the first to admit I have never seen a quran in person, much less read one, so this is just going on hear say. However is that is really the goal, it doesn't sound like a very "peaceful" religion as many claim....

Try to know information from unbiased sourse.

Domination/Submission? what type are there?
I know it's taboo to some, but you must know a thing or two
It's like the Eurythmics said: Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused.
Is submission/domination sex harmful?
I have a friend with a submission fetish. She likes being dominated and controlled and insulted and god knows what else.

I know it's not really any of my business but I don't like it. She has self esteem issues, and this can't be helping.

How harmful is this to her? Should I tell her how I feel or just keep it to myself?
there are a couple different ways to look at it- first of all- it is not dangerous if the people involved are safe and follow the "rules" of the scene. truly- being submissive does not mean someone has low self esteem- it is empowering to relinquish control over your body and even your mind in a scene. Don't get me wrong- some people w/ low self esteem submit b/c of a different reason - but honestly I don't get that. It really is empowering for the sub to give the control to the dom and it has a lot of trust and faith in the other person when done correctly. As far as safety- a good knowledge of proper rope knots and other binding methods is important. knowledge of the "rules", what is and is not allowed, and having a safe word (or words) and being okay with using it without being quesitoned- a lot of these things are key to a good safe scene- not everyone follows them though- if you are worried just let her know, she obviously trusted you enough to let you in on something so intimate- she should be prepared for your reaction....

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