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What do you think of the law that says a drunken women cannot concent to intercourse?
I don't mean someone is passed out and unable to say no. I mean someone who can say yes or no and leave (a bar for instance) under her own power. Should a man be held criminally responsible as a rapist for an adult woman who decides to drink and then does something that she regrets in the morning?
God Bless America.

Yet another way no one has to take responsibility for their own actions. If women can say no to a man, I am pretty sure they can say no to a drink.
AQuestion for the guys, What do you think of drunken women?
Do you find it a turn off.
If it was not for alcohol, I would never have gotten laid when I was 14.
Traditional Kung Fu: Why is it so rare to see women practice drunken styles?
In Traditional Kung Fu movies, Chinese martial arts tournaments/performances, etc., its common to see males practice drunken fist, straightsword, & staff. I have NEVER seen a woman practice any form of drunken style before. Is there a reason for that? Is it the physiological difference in our bodies? Or is it an old "rule?"

If there are any notable females who have practiced drunken styles, who are they?
I would say that it is a simple game of numbers with regard to methods of Drunken Boxing. First, consider how many GENUINE teachers of Chinese martial arts there are (not Wushu, or supposed "Shaolin Kempo" or the like), from there, how many teach Drunken Boxing, and from there, how many women have an interest in learning it. you can see how it gets bottle-necked! Historically speaking, though, women in China have few limitations to being taught martial arts; since most martial arts of China have religious backgrounds in Buddhism or Taoism and these teach equality, there would be few (if any) restrictions.

That all being said, though, I can't think of any famous female martial artists with backgrounds in Drunken Boxing, historical, actor, or otherwise. It's likely just a preference; I don't know of many women who would want to portray a drunkard.

EDIT: I also agree with Bluto concerning the bulk of what people to "know" of drunken boxing to come from "Hollywood BS".
I am trying to find out who the person is that sings the 12 days of Christmas and sings it as a drunken women.?
I ordered this CD last Chrismas and never recieved it, I have the canceled money order but looking for phone # or to see if address is the same or if she is still at that address.. Any help would be appreciated.
jeff foxworthy-redneck 12 days of christmas

sorry about your cd!

merry christmas
Is the world perception that drunken young British women are sluts and slappers deserved?
I've noted arguments like ''should taxpayers be indirectly sponsoring female promiscuity and the societal consequences of this and wouldn't opportunities for male promiscuity decrease if female promiscuity were discouraged through the withdrawal of guy benefit and council housing from workshy lazy single mothers.. "

Seems a bit wildly harsh that doesn't it. Any opinions ?

The problem is societys lack of morals. All of a sudden its do whatever you want, however you want without thinking of the consequences, and Britain is like this all over. Lack of morals only leads to self destruction.
Who has the best drunken stories men or women?
I recently told my friends what i stupidly did (dont really wont to go into it) on a night out. Response "Dan thats the funniest drunken story ive ever heard"
Well i guess i was dancing at my local pub when they offered a dance floor for a short time, although i dont recall dancing hah, and the bartender said the next day "Yea i would refrain from dancing white boy" hahaha.. o well i guess i was having fun. LOL
Should the two embarrassing, drunken British women, who tried to open an emergency door at 30,000', be jailed
for a long time, and banned from flying forever, when they are eventually released.
Yes, especially if they use the excuse of being drunk to try and excuse their actions. They scared a lot of passengers and put people lives in danger simply because they were refused more drink.
How many drunken, lazy women are on Y.A. now, wishing they were still being rowdy in pubs?
Loads of male-despising going on.
Perish the thought if I ever became a woman like that.YUCK.

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