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All Comments

Does anyone know of any site for men to contact older women for erotic emails etc?
I want to email older women (60+) on a regular basis, just email not meet for some mutual fun etc, willing to swap pics if asked.

No I don't.
What are the English movies that has romantic/erotic story of older woman in relationship with younger man?
I'm trying to find online romantic/erotic movies that has a story of older woman in relationship with younger man, could you please name some and their year of release? Thanks.
The Reader stars Kate Winslet
go here to read more
I am a 30 yr old women i just bought vital erotic shot to give me a boost with my sex drive?
but i was wondering has anyone drank this before and when do u drink it and what exactly dose it do for u?
and you're a 30 year old woMAN not women...
I just finished 8th grade, and I am attracted to older women??
Hello. I am 14 years old and I have found that I am really attracted to women in the age range of 20-30. I mean I will notice if a girl my age is really pretty, but usually I just get really nervous around them. I don't feel erotic or anything like that. But when I see hot girls that are in there 20s or 30s I get REALLY turned on. Is this normal, or am I just a some screwed up teenager?
ok lol. it dosnt matter.

What motivates older women to do this?
At my gym there are women in their 30s to 60's who buy tight spandex and attempt to perform sexy exercises in erotic positions.

I have yet to see any men at the gym attracted to these shows.

They are humiliating themselves. What drives these older women to act this way at the gym?
Maybe it turns THEM/EACH OTHER on. Not everything is about you men.
Erotic dreams about other women
Even though I've never really had sexual feelings for my girlfriends I keep having dreams about being seduced by slightly older women. These dreams are quite explicit and I wake up pretty wet. Too scared to tell my boyfriend. What should I do?
Try not to look too much into it. Im sure its just normal. It doesnt at all mean you are gay, which if you are or think you are more power to ya, but if your not, it doesnt mean you are because of the dreams, I wouldnt worry about telling your boyfriend. It might make him jelous or feel wierd, and since its very normal, theres no reason to cause any problems. Just sit back and enjoy em, and don't worry too much about it!
Am I weird for liking naturally aged women?
I'm a 23 year old guy, and I adore older women (40s-50s) with natural bodies. I find natural hanging breasts and not-so-firm tummies beautiful, and erotic.
I think it's nice that someone out there appreciates natural beauty. It isn't something you should think is weird. Men USED to be like you before the stupid media told all girls that if they weren't 5'7 and 100 lbs they were fat and ugly.
What shirt should she wear in my erotic story?
Im writing an erotic story about a boy who has sex with an older woman. I have the woman wearing slacks but am unsure what to put on top of her .... Can you help me out?
A blouse and a pearl necklace. Yum, cougars :)
Question for older women, do you enjoy your man wearing tights?
Try it sometime. Feels really erotic to lay in bed and rub your legs together. Fun to go shopping together too. Not a gay thing. Read a lot about it in womens forums too. Goes on more than people think
Hmmm.... last time I looked the only "men" in my life were either my online Sons (who are Fabulous!!!) or my three Sons of Bast --who are neutered.

There are no men here, Dearest and I abhor wearing tights; but I do thank you for asking.
Why do you think Top Godfather Benny Ratzinger compared the ordination of women to paedophile abuse?
Isn't there something terribly Freudian about his choice of comparison? What was really on his mind? Was it the old erotic dreams about Sinead O'Connor worrying him again, or something altogether darker?
A patriarchal establishment that is not only insulated from other voices, but is also threatened by the thought of equals.

Within the Catholic Church, the nuns are really the representatives that have the day to day dealings with people and their suffering and concerns. Who know the real world and the real problems. But the Church is not run by them.

People in power do not easily give up that power. The idea of change can be very frightening to some.

Ratzinger really never associated with the people throughout his journey through the Church. He mainly remained isolated with his books, and like minded men.

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