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Who is the gorgeous brunette on the wiggles show?
I can't find the credits for that show to see who she is... she plays the brown girl in the ring in that song and a bunch of other parts... anyone have a clue?
susan boyle
Who is the most (drop dead) gorgeous brunette you've ever seen?
I'd prefer it if you didn't answer the super popular celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Jessica Biel etc

i'd prefer it if you answered supermodels, actually. thanks!
um.. I think Rachel McAdams is SO pretty, in so many different ways.

but I guess she's not DROP DEAD gorgeous.

I dont freaking know.
Is whats-her-face brunette? Kate Moss?
Poll: who is your favourite type of woman or man: red-haired, brunette or a gorgeous natural blond girl /man?
Folks, I'm not gay, I've just inserted "men" in my poll to give the opportunity to women to answer the question.I mean beautiful people.
Could u specify why?
Could u point out some gorgeous red-haired, brunette or blond people??
Eu sou apaixonado por cabelos como a da Karol, que coisa mais linda, mais suave, mais perfumados, bem, well agora nem tanto, mas logo, logo, ela estara aqui novamente e após tomar um banho de civilização vai voltar ao que era antes, como um bruma voando solto ao vento. Sabe que acho que não vou deixar ela ir para a England.
What is the name of the gorgeous brunette model,wearing a white top, in the split picture ad for Evan William
what is the name of the gorgeous brunette model,wearing a white top, in the split picture ad for Evan Williams whiskey ? she is on the right side with the words "after aging". On the left side is a less attractive girl,wearing glasses, with the words "before aging". I think the brunette model was also a swimwear model for Venus swimwear
Gloria Santiago
First bisexual sexual experience, I met a gorgeous brunette through online dating..tips/similar stories?
Ok, heres the deal.

I'm brand new to online dating, and brand new to the bisexual scene. I met a gorgeous brunette through online "intimate" dating. We want to meet for coffee on monday, get to know each other a bit, but ultimately we want to wind up having sex. She has a steady boyfriend and has assured me that there will be no contact between me and her boyfriend but he wants to watch. This is fine by me, as we are all consenting adults. However, I do feel kind of weird having such casual sex even though its with another female. But on the other hand, I have had casual sex with other males in the past so..I'm really confused by all these mixed feelings.

How do you guys feel about a one night stand with the same-sex via online dating?
i say go for it. I've recently just started some online dating, not with girls, but with guys. But the guy i hooked up with recently asked me what i think about threesomes with other girls and i said i'm open to it. I think i am, but i would have to be comfortable with her and she'd have to be attractive.
haha!!! If my family only knew! :)
Is the gorgeous brunette in the Acura commercial...?
the one that was Bruce Willis' girlfriend in Pulp Fiction?
Karolina Wydra
If two equally gorgeous woman answered the same question,would you be more receptive to the blonde or brunette?
If both their answers were identical, would their hair colour influence the way you perceive their response?
If the answers were identical, I would let it go to voting.
Since I am a blonde, but have also had red, black and brown hair, hair color would not influence me.
That is a very good observation though, most blonde's are perceived as being lookers, but not thinkers.
Thank you and I appreciate your question.
What is the best icebreaker line to use to open up a conversation to meet an incredibly gorgeous woman?
I see her at school all the time around campus. We dont have any classes together or I would have approached her by asking her something related to the class.
She's a gorgeous brunette with a dazzling smile and heart-melting eyes.
I'm intimidated by her. And my lack of confidence doent help. When I've thought about approaching her at the student commons, my heart races so fast and I get tongue tied.
Thanks for your help.
If you don't have the confidence to at least approach her and say hi, then you have no chance of even dating her, which I assume is what you want to do.

Prior to previous advice, don't ask her friends about her or comment on her smile and ask her out the first time you talk to her. This will show a lack of confidence, mental fortitude and a desire that you only want to know her because of her physical beauty.

The only advice I can give you is to be honest and direct and be yourself. Go up to her and introduce yourself, tell her you've seen her around and am curious who she is and what she does around campus.

This direct approach will shock her into conversation, and it will take away her apprehensions of who you are. She may even be interested enough to want to get to know who you are, and you may find that she will talk and you listen, thus taking away your fear.

Give it a try, even if you are afraid of failure and rejection. If you just look from afar, things will never work the way you want them to. Have courage!
The name of the gorgeous brunette on the TV show Blind Date.?
There was a guy that was a struggling musician that was set up on a blind date with a brunette beauty that was obviously WAY out of his league.The episode was on only once and never reran as far as I know.I cannot find any info on this gal. The two hit it off and the guy was beside himself.
Blind date is for brainless losers.

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