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All Comments

Is it sinful to look at nude video game mods?
Is it sinful to look at or play a game with nude mods in it?
Usually when someone on an Internet Q&A board asks, "Is this a sin?", it is.
Does family guy the video game have nude characters in it?
i want to know i might buy it for my cousin he loves the show.
Why is my aunt so against video games that show woman nude? and having sex?
she says its degrading and il think of woman as objects. i dont get it. doesnt she know that every guy has seen porn at least once?

because of this problem that has made it so i cant play really amazing games that have sex and nudity even ones that have weak scenes to where you cant see it.
She is trying to protect your innocence.... lol
im tryin to do early holiday shopping for my guys but i need to know which game i should not buy them that have the most sexual nude content.. ok ok just guyding i'm a 40 yr pervert looking for some good nude games .. got any suggestion for my virgin ***?
Do not buy Oblivion, Fallout, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and Mortal Kombat.

Games tend to be very conservative when it comes to nudity. The only relatively recent game I can think of with explicit nudity (****) is God of War.
Why can guys literally hack a man's arms off in a video game......?
Yes if that same game shows a nude breast, people lose their minds?
You know I'll agree, obesity is a problem in this country because guys aren't getting enough exercise. I would much rather see a guy really hack a mans arms off instead of sitting on the couch eating chips and doing it in a video game.
Is there any police video game for the wii and is there any good ?
is there any good ADULT game for the wii like nude sex and things like that for the wii. and if so where to get them.
Check out No More Heroes. Its plenty violent.
Serious question about World of Warcraft Video game and Masturbating?
I was wondering if anyone here ever did that and if this is normal I have the nude patch that makes them appear naked and i masturbate to my character (female) dancing for me in a secluded spot.

I did this and don't know if any of you considered or ever was turned on by your character?

Im posting this question in Mental health as well to get an evaluation as to why I may be doing this I wanted to hear from other players as well so that's why I posted in Video games section as well.

It's bad enough to do it at all, but to a video game?? Everyone tries to accept masturbation as normal, but it's not.
Quit doing it, you sicko.
What female anime/manga/video game character should I cosplay?
16 years old
Shoulder length white/blonde hair (I have 18" extensions)
Brown eyes (I can buy contact lenses but I'll try to don't)
38D (boobs)

I don't want to be almost nude.
I've already cosplay Chii from Chobits, I want to change.

What female anime/manga/video game character should I cosplay ?
Sailor moon.... xD
Why do people make nude mods for games?
I don't get it. The Sims, TES4, Fallout 3, all have nude mods out there, and I was wondering if someone could explain to me why they would want them? Am I the only one who thinks its weird to be attracted to naked animated characters in a video game?
There are alot of people attracted to animated characters you know so you offended alot of them by posting this.
How do you take off the... (btw its about a video game)?
take take off the nudity in Saint's Row 2 and make the streakers uncensored and nude?
Hey now guy above me. No need to be rude I am sure you look up some animation porn. So shut your god dam mouth.

And no you cannot remove the blur over there private areas

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