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Where can I buy clothing for a petite Asian girl?
and do you happen to know what the little girl size is for a petite asian girl, like if she is size 0 for adult, what would it be in the little girls department
well, i don't know what the asian looks like, so i'll just use myself. im asian, and petite and 5 ft. um, I don't fit size 0 or 00 but i fit size 12-14 in the guys section. she might fit 0 or 00 if shes bigger thatn me, the length and waist are both too big on me. size 14 jeans are also too big.
Why are indian and asian women so petite and short?
I live in the UK and we have a lot of asian-indian and oriental women over here. Never seen one over 5'4" though. I'm 6'3" and I love short women. I think they're sexy as hell, especially tiny japanese women, HOT. But I'm probably a giant to them. Haha.
Obviously this isn't true of all women from these cultures and I'm sure you're not saying that this is 100% so, I just had to get that out there. My guess is meat, alcohol, preservatives and walking. Generally, Indian and Japanese women just to take two examples are going to consume less meat, (which takes a longer time to digest) and drink less alcohol (which slows down the metabolism) than British or American women. Also, the American and British diets may on average include more GM foods and stuff that comes out of cans or boxes which have lots of preservatives. In the body, they stick with you longer. If they stick around for too long, the body turns it into fat. Finally, British and American women are more likely to jump in a car and drive to work, then sit in an office for 40 hours each week. In India and Japan, this is not AS frequent as it is in the UK and US.

Finally, a word on height. It is believed that the consumption of meat does contribute to the height of various populations. While there are exceptions, we can see that over the past 150 years, meat consumption and average height have increased in a way that is directly proportional. If you look at the old suits of amour for various populations in Europe, you will see that they were tiny, like 5'5" on average. But as I said, this is just a guess.
Why are asian girls so petite?
I'm just wondering but why are asian girls so small and petite?
Its a racial thing. The same as those of African descent have the flat nostrils, and blue eyes come a race of people that used to live in Northern Europe. Maybe they aren't small. Maybe you're just big?
How come Asian women stay so petite during their whole pregnancy?
When I get pregnant I wanna stay petite too...
I think it's genetics and Asian woman's diet.

Why are American women are obsessed with Asian women's figure?
Can someone tell me where you can get cute asian fashioned clothes for petite teens in Chicago.?
I've been desperately trying to find cute asian clothes(not traditional) in chicago but it's hard. i recently heard chinatown should have them but i can't find anything on them. i really like asian fashion but all the online stores are for women, and I'm a really petite teen. i also like asian fashion because i know that their clothes are petite and they are cute. some please help me!!!!

These are the only ones I can think of right now. Haha
Best of luck!!
Why are asian ladies so petite and fragile lookin?
is it the diet? is it the genetic make up? whatever it is, you guys are just so darn cute. they also have those girly voices that makes me all frilly inside.
it's in the genes. that's why we don't get fat quickly as we age. even when eating american food, they tend to get less fat than other races
Why are asian and white girls always petite ?
you rarely see any curvy asian or white girls like you see curvy rican and black girls. why is this ? is it just that their genetics is dull ? why do rican and black girls have more of a feminine shape(such as nice butts and nice breast) then white and asian girls ?
Um... not all any race of woman are petite

Is it a compliment to say to a girl that she "Breaks the stereotypes that asian women r petite/feminine"?
B/c she pretty fat and has a low voice and a bunch of pimples. And I was thinking she could be proud of the fact she breaks stereotypes.
I'm an attractive petite Asian female, do you think I can work as a stripper?
I'm petite, small, but not short (5'3" - 5'5"). I'm considered to be beautiful based from other people's opinion (not a self-proclamation) and I have extremely soft skin. I tend to be flirtatious by nature and I love dancing. I enjoy teasing other men by sexual means.

In my daily life, I'm a student in college and I have great presentation skills and experience with people in a professional manner.

However, what my concern truly is, is if I'm qualified enough to work in a strip club (yes, I am of legal age), because of my ethnicity I'm afraid that I won't be able to get enough customers because they wouldn't find me as attractive as Western or European women. But, you know what they say, you are beautiful when you are most confident, intelligent and independent.

I live in Toronto.

Because of my Asian ethnicity, I tend to look younger than what my age states. I also may look like a high school student, people tend to think I am 15-16, but I am not. Would the patrons like it more or not like it?

Here's a picture of me, don't mind my hair colour, I tend to be creative with my hair.……

I do have another question, are there height, weight requirements?

My friend is a male stripper in a gay bar in Toronto. He's not the prettiest, but certainly the hardest worker. He said that I am able if I have good presentation skills, seducing skills, and if I can dance in high heels. Lol, I wanna know more!

I'm interested in getting some money :) ...
Just copy your CV for some administrative job . Go distribute about 20 copies to different companies per week . After some time , you will probably get a job . Leave stripping job aside . Those places are crowded with unstable people and thieves . Moreover , you will be destroying the society by doing that . It's better for you to find a normal job .

Strippers don't have that much of a good future .
1- when you age , you won't put in your cv that you worked in stripping.
2- By the year 2010 , there will be double demand on Aministrative assistants . Which anyone can work in with simple skills , such as :
simple marketing skills.
Don't worry , send me via mail ,tell me how much you need . I might be able to help you out . Please .

I'm wondering...I'm not a thin petite asian...would I be considered too physically fat in Asia?
I'm Asian, fact. Female, fact. But every other asian girl I know is so...PETITE! TINY! DELICATE!

Not that there's anything wrong with them, but I'm about a head taller than everyone else and I swear I look fat in comparison ): even though my BMI is 17.3 which classifies as underweight. I'm 170cm tall and weigh 50kgs.

Don't start bashing please, it's an honest question. I don't diet, I exercise...once in a while, and I'm not asking this to fish for compliments, because that's a waste of five points, lol.

I asked my friend (who could classify as anorexic, if she was caucasian, but just because she's asian everyone seems to be fine with it =.= Are asians supposed to be skinny? Not racist, just asking, honestly.) and she said that she never did anything in particular to look so delicate. So what the hell. Am I normal to have bigger legs and chunky leg muscle? Would people find me weird if I went to asia, because of my un-asian frame?
Honestly, I don't think you are considered too fat in Asia. I've seen and known MANY MANY MANY overweight Asian people (since I live in Malaysia) and I'm not saying that to compliment you, but that's the truth. Of course it doesn't help you when you're comparing yourself to other Asians who are skinny and tiny. But this is a pretty darn hard question to answer because I've never seen you before in my whole life.
Answering your questions: It's normal to have bigger legs than skinny people, duh....
People won't find you weird if you went to Asia because I'm sure everyone's had their fair share of seeing obese people around.
Once again, you're not considered fat. (based on what you wrote)
How could you even say that when your BMI shows that you're underweight?

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