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If a husband who had an affair is serious about reconciling marriage would he stop ALL contact with mistress?
My husband and I are reconciling our marriage but, he still see's the other woman here and there. If he is honest about saving our marriage shouldn't I expect all contact with OW to be over? Or should I focus on our marriage since he says their relationship wasn't that serious?
He should 100% cut off all contact with the other woman, or it is pointless. It's like a reformed alcoholic, they can't have a single drink again, not ever! He completely cuts it with the other woman, or all bets are off.
Can Dark Mistress actually ask a serious football related question?
really do you think I am capable of such an act?

9 out of 10 clinical psychologists have diagnosed you with
" Anti-FootbalQitis".

Sorry. Youre uncapable.

My wife said it's OK if I have a mistress, do you think she's serious or just messing with me?
Women, why do you say things you really don't mean. If I go ahead and get a mistress do you think she will be upset?
you know those black holes in cartoon shows, they kind of appear outta nowhere or when a character throws it out from their pocket.. yea, that's what it is
it's a trap.. your only answer is "dear you're the only lady for me" "i want and have eyes for no one else"
BAM instant pass for mind blowing bjs :)
good luck
BF married to habitual cheater for 10yrs w/guys. Now hubby is w/current mistress for 2yrs. serious advice pls?
BF says if it weren't for the guys she wouldn't stay in marriage. Fact is hubby won't go to counseling, has never been faithful and he has not ended current affair w/other woman (per wife's request) and my BF has been fully painfully aware of extra marital relationship for over a year. I really don't know what to tell my friend at this point nor do I feel sorry for her. Please help!
It is better for her to get a divorce then stay because what does that teach her guys? That staying in a loveless marriage when one spouse is cheating is the right thing? She needs to set an example for her guys, and that means respecting herself.
A serious question for the guys who left spouse for mistress?
Did you regret your decision to leave your wife? Why or why not? And if you did regret it, how long did it take you to regret it?
yes i think they do regret it, but they will never tell u they do. the regrets always seem to come to late to save the marriage, sometimes its years later. the reason why they regret is that they have all these expectations of the new woman and when she falls short or the problems begin he sees maybe it wasn't all the wife's fault the marriage ended.
Has a friend or family member ever committed a serious crime?
Did you report the crime? If so, did you participate in the investigation and then testify against them in court? Were they convicted because of your help? Or did you report the crime and nothing ever came of it, and then you had to keep quiet about it for the rest of your life? Or did you know about the crime, but you couldn't bring yourself to turn them in because you were afraid of getting involved?

(Serious crime can be defined as killing one's spouse to marry one's mistress. I'm not talking about the neighbor who is growing marijuana in his bathroom.)
Yes my family member stole from my grandmother and we reported it, he stole some checks. He did 90 days in jail.
I'm having a serious problem with my husband, the ex-mistress and my mother in law. What should I do?
My husband Nick and I had a mutual mistress...however weird that may sound. Her name is Bianca. She used to participate in threesomes with my husband and I. In the process, Bianca had fallen in love with me(not Nick) because we had a connection where we talked and shared secrets. She told me about the pain in her past and I told her about the problems Nick and I had in the past. I'm bisexual and I had developed feelings for Bianca at first but I knew that I loved my husband more. Once Nick had his share of his two women in the bed fantasy, he was ready to be monogamous. So, we told Bianca that we're keeping it strictly platonic from now on. It hurt her because she has feelings for me.

The three of us just moved to Atlanta from NYC last month. Bianca came with us because we're trying to help her get set up with a job and money to move out on her own. She lost her job and got evicted from her apartment back in NY. Nick is in NY right now and he can't return until October because of his job(long story). So, Bianca and I are here in ATL alone, NOT having sex. My mother-in-law and I never liked each other. She's a spiteful, bitter old woman. Nick and I are on the phone arguing everyday because he spends so much time at his mom's house. That's fine except for the fact that his mom's best friend's daughter Jill lives in her apartment building and she has a crush on Nick. This old woman will surely be spiteful and try to arrange a hookup between Nick and Jill. I'm seeing all of these photos of Nick, his mom and Jill all over their facebooks. Nick claims he's not sleeping with the woman but I'm not sure what to believe.

As a friend, I vent and talk to Bianca about my arguments with Nick. But she got all teary and sad when I told her "If I find out Nick touched that woman or anyone else, I will screw a few men in HIS bed to get back at him". I asked Bianca why she was crying and she said because she loves me and it would hurt her if I messed with another guy just to get back at Nick. I had to be blunt and remind her that she is just a friend, we're not sexually involved anymore, Nick and I are married etc.

Why is Bianca making this all about her? Isn't this problem between Nick and I at the end of the day? What should I do?
Nick is being a fool and you are a perfect woman.. I would love to have a women to cater to my fantasy like that... Not sure how long it would take me to get that out of my system... i would have to say at least a few years:)

Good luck with your situation. First thing you need to get Nick to Atl and Bianica well you will have to let her down easy... or haver her help you attack your hubby again!
A mistress needs ideas on how to treat her servant?
My fiance loves being dominated and ordered to do things to please his mistress.

Please have you any ideas or instructions i can give him?

We are not into pain just light whipping and some bonage. I get him to perform sexual favours for me or tie up my over knee boots which take forever.

I have also got him to undress me and dress me in sexy pvc outfits. I have restrained him and teased him sexually and took advantage of him. I also order him not to speak without permission and he gets whipped if he disobeys his mistress.

Please serious answers only!!!
Mistress, you are SO lucky. To have someone that enjoys serving you. You want ideas. Have him bathe you, paint your nails, massage you with oil. Keep him tied up for different time periods. Keep him tied up under your computer and use him as a foot rest. Ohhh feet, make sure he worships your pretty peds. Have him do housework naked or nearly so, or even in limited bondage. Have you tried tying up his equipment? Very,very sexy. Please Mistress if you need any ideas, feel free to drop me a line.

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