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How can I look like a healthy and young teenager?
I want to look healthy and young. I am 13 years old and male however I have bags, pimples, dry skin and lines on my hands and in the end I look really old. So how can I look like a healthy and young teenager? Also how can I get nice soft skin?
I have soft skin. I know to clean every day use oils for softer.
How can a young teenager lose weight quickly?
How can a young teenager lose weight quickly? We can't buy pills, we're not 18! Exercising and eating healthily hasn't made a difference, advice please!
Try this...…
Hope this help :) Good Luck!
Ways for a young teenager to make money?
hey guys, I need some help....i need to make money and im only like a young teenager so i can't get a job, i need ways to make money?
Don't know if your too crafty, but there's tons of things for you to hand make and sell to your friends.

Or sell some of your stuff on eBay -
Should a young teenager worry about but he looks like?
Should i a young 14 yr old teenager worry about about Getting Ripped, Jacked, or built
Do ladies like that?
you don't have to be ripped at 14 years old.. just if you work out a little bit a few times a week and start to build muscle by the time you get to 16 or 17 it'll be easier to get ripped. and of course girls like it.... lmao
Is it ok to say you love your partner as a young teenager?
Is it normal to say you love her/him when you're a young teenager...
Cos ive seen in films guys like never say they love her until they've gone out properly but i think i rely love her
It's perfectly fine. Just tell the person how you really feel. It would work out just fine.
Sophisticated books for a young teenager?
I am a young teenager and my English teacher has recommended that i read some more 'sophisticated' books. I read all the 'Harry Potter' books by time i was 9, and throughout this year I have read the Georgia Nicholson Diary series, Lauren Conrad's series, Diary of Anne Frank, the Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic and more that are of the same genre. What would you reccomend that are similair to these, but are more sophisticated? Thanks in advance.
I would recommend:
- To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (no way could your teacher argue with this one)

- The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom (since you mentioned the book on Anne Frank)

- Books by Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, etc; she's mostly viewed as a guyren's author, but I think her books are better appreciated by those who are older; Plus, I read The Secret Garden when I was 18, and loved it.)

- The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare (one of my favorites; most teachers will notice this book and like the fact that their student is reading it)

- And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

It seems like you've been reading a some chick lit, which might be why your teacher advised you to find more sophisticated reads (who knows). I would assume that by sophisticated, she means something that's considered a classic.
Do you think believing in God will become the "cool" thing to do as a young teenager?
Teenagers idolize Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift, and they are all religious and make it very obvious. So do you think young teenagers will look at this and (since they copy everything else) they will copy this and become religious? Or just more religious?
I actually see the future generation, moving away from religion. As people become more educated, they dismiss religion more and more.
Awesome Book for a Young Teenager to Read?
A friend of mine who is a young, female teenager needs a good book to read that is easy-reading and not too long. Any suggestions?
For girls, I suggest to read any book by Sarah Dessen. Her books are very realistic and some are tragic. Also try to read The sisterhood of the traveling pants series. They are entertaining and are really interesting. I hope this helps.

F.Y.I: some books by Sarah Dessen are

The Truth About Forever
Just Listen
Lock And Key
This Lullaby
Keeping The Moon
Along For The Ride
Someone Like You

uhh... these are the only ones hitting my head right now. You can also try the Uglies series. My friend was reading it and she said they were good
Ways to tone thighs for a young teenager?
I am only in my early teens and should probally not be worrying about this but my thighs are big. I hate them, and I am worried they are going to get fatter as I get older. My family has a history of big thighs and waist. So what are some ways I can tone down my thighs?
Like I dont want to loose weight I just want to slim down my thighs. Only for a young teenager not adult. Thanks in advance ;)
Zumba will tone ur thighs and make then cute and slim.
How do I ask a girl out without being to full on? Young teenager. 10 points best answer.?
I am a young teenager but I'm not sure if she likes me.
Should I give her a present? What?
What you can do is go up to her and say something like I like your shirt just say somthing nice. Then just strike up a conversation about the weekend coming up! Ask her if she has any plans. If she does not the just say like "Well since you don't have any plans and I don't have any plans would you like to go see a movie?" since you are both young teens see if she wants to go with a group of friends and meet her at the mall. If she says yes your in, if she says no then the best thing you can do is 1, keep trying, 2. move on. If she says no don't be upset it is not the end of the world. But she should say yes becasue you seem like a cool guy! Also here is a big tip:

Make sure she is single first!

©, young teenager